Things You Need When Planning for a Road Trip 

Road trips can be very exciting. When planning one, you need to consider the things you will be bringing with you. You wouldn’t want to miss anything that you will need on the road especially if your trip involves a far destination. For that perfect road trip, you will need several things to make it comfortable, special, and memorable. Here is a list we have come up with to help guide you with the necessary things you’ll need. 

 Road Trip


Registration and License 

Of course. That is a no-brainer. 

Spare Tire 

If you already have one, check it or have it checked if it’s all good. If you don’t have one, then you will have to get one. You can also have your tires checked before the trip so can change the ones that need changing. 

Roadside Kit 

Roadside kits are important should you run into some troubles while on the road and need to make a stop for repair. Your kit should have a whistle, a triangle road sign, flashlight, battery booster cable, tire pressure gauge, window breaker, light sticks, etc. 

Car Manual 

Not rocket science either. 



First Aid Kit 

Your kit should have the basics: bandages, gauze, antiseptic, etc.  

Notebook and Pen 

You can’t leave your phone as a note to someone. Trust us, they will come handy. 


Not every place has cellular service. You won’t always be able to use your phone for maps. You may get a physical map or you can opt for downloadable maps via apps or directly to the internet.  

Bug Repellent 

If the inside of your home has no bugs, then the outside world has a lot of it. Unless you have been to your road trip destination once or twice to know it’s bug-free, then you’ll need a bug repellant. 

Toilet/Tissue Paper 

Stock up on some unless you have never needed it your entire life. 

Extra Cash 

You never know what extra expenses may occur. You’ll also need cash for gas ups or for parking meters. 



Charger, Cords, and Power Bank 

You will need these if you don’t want to run out of entertainment in your car unless the music is sufficient. 


Unless you don’t want to document things and memories, you can skip this one. 


Phones, iPads, tablets, bring whatever you feel you’ll need to bring. 


Books can be great if what you’re looking for on a road trip is going to a peaceful and quiet place. 



Sleeping Bag and Blanket 

These are very important so you can sleep or nap comfortably and not freeze from the cold. 

Travel Pillow 

You don’t have to settle with uncomfortable sleeping positions for your head and neck. Bring a travel pillow or even your most comfortable one to get a good sleep or rest. 


You’ll need to have a painkiller during trips. You can always get muscle aches or headache while on the trip. 

Road trips can be fun, but not when you get stuck on the road. Sanford towing can help you if you need any road assistance.