Should Water be Used to Clean your Carpet? 

Do not be fooled by the wrong claims of some untrusted carpet cleaning companies because they only do that in order to scare you and pull you towards their unreliable services. Some says that if you are going to clean the carpet using water, it will really damage your carpet because of the mold that it will cause. This claim is not true in all points. Even if you ask the manufacturer of the carpets, they would all tell you that it is fine for you to wash your carpet with water and there is nothing with using water to clean it from stains and the like. We assure you that your carpet would not have molds in it after cleaning it with water or other wet substances. Experts and manufacturers will give you their word that your carpet will last a long time just as long as you take care of it carefully and it will not budge even if you use water upon cleaning it.  

 Clean your Carpet

In fact, there are a lot of studies and researches that using hot water to eliminate all sorts of dirt and other disgusting things in your carpet will surely help the condition of your carpet in all ways. If you use hot water, it would really remove soil, dust, stains, hardened cooking vapors and other bacteria and micro-organisms that are brought about by air pollution and other contaminants. Imagine yourself taking a bath; you take a bath because you want to clean all of the dirty particles in your body that you have accumulated throughout the day of long work and exhaustion. If you use soap during your bath, you will be more clean and fragrant. This is the same story with your carpet. If you clean it with water, the carpet will be from those contaminants that are mentioned above and if you use the right soap, it means that it will be of great help to making your carpet clean, fresh and safe for the health.  

We already know that it is important to keep your carpet clean through using water to really get into the fibers and remove the dirt stuck in it but we do not know that using hot water to clean and extract dirt is very useful for all kinds of carpet. In this process, they would use 220 degrees of heat so that they are going to be sure that all of that dirt is going to be extracted and they are going to use a formula that is suited for these kinds of water flushing. After which, it is going to be rinsed by water and then a mechanism enables the sucking of the water until all of the water in the carpet is no longer existing. As you can read, the process is very much reliable and they will be sure that there will be no dirt that is going to be left in the fibers of your carpet.  

Just make sure that you go to right company and the right people. Even if you could just click here and there to find a carpet cleaning company, you should make sure that the company has great reviews and that people would actually recommend them to you.  

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